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Destination Hair. Forecast Beachy.

Beach talk is lifting your spirits. Rays of sunshine are shimmering through. It is now time to stock up, guilt free, on the lotions and potions that prepare your hair and body for the summer beauty transition. The hair prediction is beachy, effortless and easy. The reality. You need strong, healthy hair, perfectly moisturised and filled with protein to withstand the drying effects of summer heat and chlorine.

The Preparation Guide

#RULE 1.
The Pre Summer Trim. Your hair is about to become exposed to every element, sea salt, chlorine and sunshine will all take their tole on your oldest and most fragile hair. It will struggle to withstand the pressure. Loose an inch, to keep your locks looking healthy and hot for summer. #RULE 2. The Moisture & Protein Fix. Your hair needs to enter the Summer Season maxed out with moisture and protein. Begin by repairing any damage and hydrating your tresses pre Summer, milk_shake® recommend milk_shake® Integrity Haircare to seriously unravel damaged locks. A strict daily hair health regime pre Summer will leave you with locks prepared to tackle the elements. #RULE 3. Easy Hair. Summer Hair is playfully flowing, effortless and easy chic. Hair should be worn undone and look natural. You have a warrant to give your hair a break. Limited blow-drying and daily styling are a godsend when the summer is in motion, get beachy by leaving your hair to dry naturally, allowing your fringe to grow out slightly and use lashings of Sea Salt Spray. We love milk_shake® Lifestyling Texturizing Spritz. #RULE 4. Easy Styles. Hot up on the hairstyles that banish frizz, disguise bad hair-days and limit grooming hours. A little practise pre summer will ensure that your holiday styling solutions are the beach to bar envy of every frizzy haired holiday maker, they become nabbed as the Summer Style in your office and they are copied by a growing number of belles at the gym. Your milk_shake® Summer Style Guide