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beautiful milk_shake® colour transformation

When we noticed the beautiful image that milk_shake® Creative Vision Live winner, Gemma Evers-Buckland had uploaded to Instagram earlier this week, we thought it was time to give her a call and find out exactly how she achieved the colour.

milk_shake Colour Booster System rockin rollers stalybridge

Can you tell us a little bit about your client's hair?

Her hair is naturally base 6, Caucasian, 8 months postpartum hair which has been box dyed and previously been bleached. It was once straight hair but now has a strong wave.

What did you discuss during the consultation?

After having a baby we needed to create something that was easy to manage : - so that she could comfortably tie it up,something that wouldn't show up a re-growth quickly and a look that would make her feel more glamorous and feminine with a sun-kissed summer look A full consultation was given, we did a strand test, elasticity test and then patch test was applied before her hair was done in salon.

How did you achieve the look?

  • Firstly cutting the hair in to the basic shape.
  • Applying 6.1 3% and deep colour complex to all the middle lengths and ends followed by 6gemma4 3% deep colour complex on all the root area.leaving to take for 30 minutes,washing off with colour maintainer shampoo and deep colour maintainer balm leaving for 5 mins,after rinsing and applying leave in conditioner before combing then drying into shape.
  • Applying full head foils with a mixture of fine, medium and thick highlights with a balayage effect. We applied milk_shake® Sunlight Cream with milk_shake® 6% activating emulsion and Safe Lightener Complex on the mid-lengths
  • milk_shake® Sunlight Cream with milk_shake® 3% activating emulsion and milk_shake® Safe Lightener Complex on the ends of each individual foil. After around 35 minutes the colour was rinsed. The result was to the perfect lightness but with a slight amber tone.
  • Using my favourite toner milk_shake® creative 10.1, I mixed with milk_shake® Deep Colour Complex and milk_shake® 3% activating emulsion, I applied to towel dried ends and left for a further 10 mins.
  • milk_shake Colour Booster System_EN3After washing and conditioning with milk_shake® Silver Shampoo and treating with milk_shake® Deep Colour Maintainer Balm, I combed through with milk_shake® Leave In Conditioner.
  • I applied milk_shake® Whipped Cream and a little milk_shake® Argon Oil, to the mid lengths and ends.
  • I then cut into a blunt long bob with a few fine fine layers before styling and straightening
  • The look wash finished with milk_shake® Eco Hairspray (my favourite)

Which products did you recommend to your client for care at home?

milk_shake® Silver Shampoo and or milk_shake® Colour Maintainer Shampoo - to use alternately with milk_shake® Colour Maintainer Conditioner. milk_shake® Incredible Milk is a perfect home haircare product for clients who want a versatile styling and conditioning product - its also great for clients who are unable to invest in too many products as it has so many benefits to the hair. milk_shake creative colour If you are a professional stylist or colourist and would like to find out more about milk_shake® hair products, please send us an email to or call us during normal office hours on 01392 365 177 If you would like to follow Gemma from Rockin Rollers, Stalybridge on Instagram for inspiration then please click here