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How important is it to repair dry and damaged hair?

Repairing dry and damaged hair is essential if you want your cut and colour to look awesome according to milk_shake salon owner Nick Moscovitch at Number 2 The Green Hair Salon that is situated in the sleepy suburbs of Leeds. We asked Nick for his expert opinion on dealing with dry, damaged hair. Q/. What are the main causes of dry and damaged hair for your clients? A/. It's the obvious over-use of hair straighteners and hot styling tools; not enough visits to the salon for trims and home hair colour disasters that are the main causes of dry damaged hair. During summer months, the hair is subjected to intense heat, excessive chlorine and salt water which obviously causes the hair to become de-hydrated. A lot of my clients are gym-girls who swim, obviously, their hair is regularly subjected to chlorine which is a demon to the hair! Q/. Why is it so important to treat damaged hair? A/. I try to explain to my clients the importance of a good, healthy hair regime. If you are committing to colour regularly and love your hair to look good, you need it to be in healthy condition. Dry, over-processed hair limits the shine on your colour, it impacts the shade and tones that you can achieve and most importantly it is difficult to manage and achieve an awesome style if your hair refuses to sit correctly or lacks bounce and vitality. Q/. What would you recommend to a client whose hair is in desperate need of TLC (tender loving care!)? A/. So I have a checklist that I discuss with each client: 1/. First? Has to be a trim - there is nothing that can banish split or dead ends like a cut can. 2/. Remove as much damage as possible and then commit to a good shampoo and conditioner. Depending on the hair colour and texture, you can find a wide variety to choose from (Integrity Shampoo and Conditioner is always a favourite and suitable for almost all hair types). 3/. I make sure clients understand the importance of eating hair super-foods. It REALLY does make a difference to include foods such as salmon, avocado, eggs, walnuts and blueberries in your diet. There is tonnes of information online about this and I usually direct my clients to an article that shares all the benefits! 4/. Stop abusing your hair with over-use of hair tools! Straightening and curling hair is obviously an important part of making your hair look fabulous and glamorous but it also plays havoc with the condition. I always recommend clients are mindful of how often they really need to apply heat to their hair. There should always be a form of heat protection applied to the hair before using hot tools - I love the multitasking hero product Incredible Milk for this! milk_shake hair repairing treatment for dry and damaged hair 5/. A good weekly hair treatment is a must! Hair that is damaged, dry and dehydrated needs it more than ever! I LOVE milk_shake Repairing Hair Treatments and recommend any client that has chemically treated or damaged hair should use them regularly. They improve the overall colour, they preserve the colour and leave my client's hair soft and vibrant from the very first application. If a client's hair has undergone lots of chemical treatment (ie. shades lighter or brunette to blonde) this product is awesome and the results are instant!